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What is PolySocial Reality (PoSR)?

PolySocial Reality (PoSR) (Applin and Fischer 2011) is a model that describes the condition of information flowing in a system in multiple ways at multiple times and how people, software, and machines act on it (or not). PoSR examines all messages: Human/Human, Human/Machine, Machine/Machine. People and things act on information at the same (synchronous) or different (asynchronous) times. This creates different outcomes such as a lack of understanding, or partial understanding which can lead to more messages needing to be created or messages not being received as well as sociability though mediated devices at the expense of the local locale. These conditions can lead to a lack of cooperation. We are dependent on each other to maintain many complex systems for food, energy, water, etc.. We need to communicate well in order to cooperate and survive. PoSR looks at the aggregate of all of the information in the messaging system, digital and analog.

Formally, PolySocial Reality (PoSR) describes the multiple, sometimes overlapping, network transaction spaces that people traverse synchronously and asynchronously with others to maintain and use social relationships and systems; a conceptual model for the global interaction context within which people experience social interactions whether immediate or mediated by technology. PoSR defines relations across the aggregate of all the experienced ‘locations’ and ‘communications’ of and between all individual people, people/machines and machines/machines (as well as animals/people and animals/machines) in multiple networks and/or locales at the same or different times. PoSR is based upon the core concept that dynamic relational structures emerge from the aggregate of multiplexed asynchronous or synchronous data creations of all individuals within the domain of networked, non-networked, and/or local experiences.

ALL papers on PolySocial Reality (PoSR)

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NEW! Paper: May 2021 Facebook's Project Aria indicates problems for responsible innovation when broadly deploying AR and other pervasive technology in the Commons

Publication Highlights:

Paper: April 2016 Exploring Cooperation with Social Machines

Paper: March 2016 Cooperating with Algorithms in the Workplace

Paper: November 2015 New Technologies and Mixed-Use Convergence: How Humans and Algorithms are Adapting to Each Other

Paper: April 2015 Toward a Multiuser Social Augmented Reality Experience: Shared Pathway Experiences via Multichannel Applications

Paper: March 2015 Resolving Multiplexed Automotive Communications: Applied Agency and the Social Car

Paper: March 2, 2015 Cooperation Between Humans and Robots: Applied Agency in Autonomous Processes

Article: Dec. 2013: Sally A. Applin and Michael D. Fischer "Asynchronous Adaptations to Complex Social Interactions"

Paper: June 29, 2013: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Watching Me. Watching You. (Process Surveillance and Agency in the Workplace)”

Paper: March 19, 2013: Sally A. Applin and Michael Fischer - “Thing Theory: Connecting Humans to Location-Aware Smart Environments”